Office of Faith Formation

Dear Parents and Catechists:

The goal of St. Peter’s Faith Formation Program is to teach our children a “living conscious and active faith.”
Our program aims to reinforce the religious instruction received at home in the family setting. In addition to teaching the children Catholic doctrine and tradition, we stress weaving their faith into their daily lives and decision making.

In this hectic and sometimes confusing world, our children need more than ever to see faith lived in our lives. May each of us, parent and catechist, strive daily to become the key that opens the door that will allow our children to meet Christ in a personal, loving and intimate way.


St. Peter’s strives to offer the best faith formation we are able. Our mission is to create intentional moments of conversion to Jesus Christ for all those we minister to and bring all closer to Christ. We view teaching/instruction as a very important part of anyone’s faith journey. To be effective and meaningful it needs to be combined with celebrating the liturgy (i.e. going to mass), prayer, and serving the Lord by serving others.

St. Peter’s offers two different faith formation options for students grades 1-8 and their families to choose from, GIFT and Traditional. To be eligible to be enrolled, families must be registered parishioners and the children must be baptized.

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Traditional Registration 

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Traditional Make-Up Work




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