What does an Usher do?

An Usher performs these functions:

  • Greet parishioners as they arrive for Mass.
  • Help latecomers find seats at Mass.
  • Collect the weekly offering from the congregation using baskets.
  • Answer questions from visitors and parishioners and help direct them to the right resource.
  • Perform other functions as assigned by a member of the parish staff during special liturgies.
  •  If no one has signed up, ushers will arrange for parishioners to bring the gifts forward during Mass.
  •  Assists congregants who have special needs
  •  Responds in emergencies as needed

What is required to become part of this ministry?

A good Usher has these traits:

  • A genuine and sincere desire to help other people.
  • A willingness to search out and reach out to parishioners and guests who look like they need help.
  • Knowledge of the Parish Staff and the physical plant layout of St. Peter’s.
  • A willingness to arrive at Mass 20-25 minutes early.
  • One Usher will carry the cross during the Processional and Recessional songs.  Ushers should arrange for a substitute if they are unable to attend the Mass for which they are scheduled.

What is the time commitment?

Ushers serve each week at the Mass they regularly attend.
Ushers should arrive 20-25 minutes before the start of Mass.

Who do I contact?
Contact the Parish Office at 201-261-3366, extension 202, and leave a message.  Someone will contact you.