The Net Worker

What is The Net Worker?
It is the newsletter of St. Peter the Apostle Parish.  It is published 5 times per year, between September and June.  

What does it do?  
The Net Worker is designed to be a source of both information and inspiration.  It features a variety of articles on St. Peter’s activities, it’s parishioners and other stories of interest to families, youth, married, and singles.

What is required to become part of this ministry?
Parishioners who are interested in contributing can do so on a one-time basis or become a regular staff member.  They can write articles or simply submit news and ideas.   Editorial meetings are sometimes held to plan an issue, but even if a parishioner cannot attend the meeting, they may still contribute. Parishioners can also write a piece and send it in to the Parish Office care of The Net Worker for consideration for publication.

What is the time commitment?
It’s not a big time commitment –  a member can write once in a while or try to write something for every issue.  Attendance at meetings is not necessary.

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