Small Christian Communities

What is a Small Christian Community (SCC)?
Small Christian Communities (SCC) are groups of parishioners who meet regularly, usually once a month, in the comfortable setting of one of the member’s homes.  They are modeled on the early church communities: gatherings of small home-based communities, where sharing of life and faith may occur; a place where members support one another and get to know one another personally. Small Christian Communities have been formed at St. Peter the Apostle parish for over 40 years.

What is the meeting format like?
There are a variety of formats, however all are Scripture based (often the next Sunday’s Readings and/or Gospel is used for reflection).  After a Scripture passage is read, a reflection and group discussion follow.  Participants relate the particular Scripture reading to occurrences in their daily lives, both personally and in the workplace.  This is a wonderful environment to seek ways to respond to God’s presence in their lives and those who have participated have benefited immensely from these experiences.

Small Christian Communities welcome every adult at St. Peter the Apostle: young adult, older adult, married, single, widowed, working adult or retired, there is a SCC ready to welcome you!

Why do Small Christian Communities exist?
♦ For faith sharing and faith instruction
♦ For prayer and worship
♦ For mutual support
♦ For reflection on the scriptures and The Catechism of the Catholic Church
♦ For Service: responding in action on behalf of the gospel

Small Christian Communities meet two needs expressed by people in our parish:
♦ The desire of people to know more about scripture and to know more people in the parish community.
♦ To enable people to get in touch with the larger world and broaden their awareness and experience of God and other people.

How do I join a Small Christian Community?
Parishioners wishing to experience a Small Christian Community are invited to send a request for information by using the form below, or through the Small Christian Community Facebook page (Click the Facebook icon above).

David Ashley
(201) 906-9130

or use the form: