RCIA Ministry

What is Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)?
RCIA is a process of welcoming and initiating new members into the Catholic Church. The goal of the process is to make disciples. The heart of initiation is conversion to Jesus Christ and the mission of the church Initiation is an apprenticeship into a way of life (RCIA 244 )

The process is concerned with the total formation of the person into

  • Believing with the Church community (doctrinal formation)
  • Living with the Church community (practical formation)
  • Praying with the Church community (Liturgical formation)
  • Serving with the Church community  (Apostolic formation)

The Rite of Christian Initiation is a process for

  • Persons who have never been baptized.
  • Persons who have been baptized in other Christian Churches and want to become members of the Catholic Church.

What is required to become part of this ministry?
“The entire community must help the candidates and the catechumens throughout the process of initiation  (RCIA 9)

Others are called from the community to serve as

  • Sponsors who witness and assist the candidates
  • Catechists who form the candidate through sharing the Gospel, presenting liturgical catechesis and preparing the candidates for participation in the rites

As an RCIA team member you share your own faith journey, break open the Sunday readings for further reflection and represent the larger community of St. Peter’s.

What is the time commitment?

  • Attendance at team formation meetings approximately 5 times a year
  • When a candidate is in process you will gather for Sunday sessions of Breaking Open the Word
  • (Reflection on the Sunday readings) and catechesis.
  • Participation in the celebration of the rites

Father Mike at 201-261-3366 or mjsheehan @saint-peter.org
Christine Black at 201-261-3366 or cblack @saint-peter.org