Prayer Chain Ministry

What does the Parish Prayer Chain do?

As Catholics, we believe that God hears and answers all prayers. The Parish Prayer Chain is a group of parishioners who on request will pray for any of our brothers or sisters who are in need. The need could be illness, grieving due to the loss of loved ones, unemployment, addiction, etc.

What is required to become part of this ministry?

  • A Parish Prayer Chain member accepts prayer as a powerful tool, given to us by God as a way to help those in need.
  • Parish Prayer Chain members should be regular Mass attendees.
  • If a member receives a prayer request from a parishioner, they should be able to show compassion and understanding toward the requestor.
  • Prayer Chain members must be non-judgmental when receiving prayer requests.

What is the time commitment?

A member should be able to set aside enough time to pray daily for the names on the prayer chain list.  Each name remains on the list for two weeks.

The Parish Prayer Chain does not meet on a regular basis.

If someone you know is in need of prayers, the parish prayer chain will pray for that person. Call the member listed below and she will pass the name to other members of the prayer chain. Parishioners are welcome to join this ministry of prayer as well.

Mary Carter at 201-820-4424
Mary Ellen Caputo at 201-265-2757
Cristina Casanova at 201-546-1339