A Message from our Pastorfish_net_sm

We invite you to share in the life of Jesus with us. We believe that we are committed to proclaiming the gospel, celebrating the liturgy of joy and thanksgiving, building a welcoming community, serving the needs of our neighbors with special care for the poor and the marginalized and reaching out, inviting all to share in this journey with us.   Together we ask the Spirit to unlock the creative energies of our many hearts and bring forth from us a living faith that the Kingdom of God may be our abiding reality.

This St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church was founded in a community of small, family-owned farms in northern New Jersey, and has grown over the years to a large, suburban parish. The growth continued into the new millennium, as we brought something wonderful to the St. Peter’s Community–the total renovation and restoration of our church. With the re-dedication of our newly-renovated church building on November 19, 2000, the parish celebrated the fulfillment of a long-held dream and the fruit of the sacrifice and commitment made by so many in the course of faith. In 2008, we marked our Sixtieth Anniversary as a parish community here in River Edge, NJ.

We realize that a large parish can bring a certain depersonalization and that our busy lifestyles can make us feel detached and separate from each other. Our welcome to you is designed to make every effort to overcome these difficulties and to say in a truly warm and loving way that we want you to belong with us.

We are many ages, coming from many backgrounds and places. It must be our strong faith in the Lord Jesus that draws us together and our real and loving concern for each other that brings faith to life. Our goal is to become living stones that form the House of God.

Please acquaint yourself with the many ministries and programs our parish has to offer. They are open to everyone; we invite and encourage everyone to participate. Our contemporary lives are diverse and often difficult; but at the Eucharistic table, we find our center and our challenge.

Worship with us; share the living Word of the scriptures with us; join us for fun and celebration. May we together grow in the Lord.

Fr. Mike

Join St. Peter’s