Guidelines for the Mass Intention Book

When the book of Mass Intentions open each year for the following year for in-person registration, details are announced in the bulletin and on the home page of this website (also see the Guidelines below for details).

In order to accommodate the requests of many PARISHIONERS, we remind you:

Only three Mass intentions per PARISHIONER will be allowed on the day the Mass Book opens.

Please use this downloadable/printable form to record your mass intention requests and bring it with you to the Parish Center on the designated Saturday.

Download the 2024 Mass Intention Guidelines and Request Form Here

Once parishioners have had a chance for an initial three intentions, you are then free to return beginning approximately 2 weeks after the Saturday registration (to give the office enough time to record the Mass requests) or any future time for additional requests. Please keep in mind that only three Sunday masses are allowed per deceased.

We hope this will reduce your waiting time and give you an opportunity to seek your most important date requests.

Only those confined to the home should make requests by mail.

For more information, contact:

Theresa Bruno