Liturgy of the Word with Children

What is Liturgy of The Word with Children?

When our parish celebrates the Liturgy of the Word with Children, the children are dismissed ritually after the Opening Prayer, and they return with the Procession with the Gifts. The Assembly sings a dismissal song as the children are dismissed. The Liturgy of the Word with Children includes all of the elements that we normally experience in the Liturgy of the Word at Mass.

The proclamation of God’s Word is presented in language that young children can easily understand, giving the children an opportunity to reflect on God’s Word and explore how it connects to their lives. The reflection lead by the adult leader is in dialogue style. Children have the opportunity to engage in a conversation about the scripture. Prayer and petitions are prayed in a simpler language. Song and ritual action are included.

This celebration is geared for children from kindergarten through fifth grade, as they are best able to participate

What is required to become part of this ministry?

You may serve in this ministry in a variety of ways.
Leader: Proclaims the Gospel and leads the dialogue reflection
Reader: Proclaims the readings and the Psalm
Musician: Provide music for gathering, psalms and dismissals
Assistant: Assist with the procession from and to the church. Help leader to maintain a prayerful environment
Training for these roles will be provided by the Liturgy of the Word team

What is the time commitment?

Liturgy of the Word with Children is celebrated 6 times a year. Those who minister will attend an initial training session. They will be assigned to one or two of the liturgies during the year. Each liturgy will require a preparation session before the liturgy is celebrated.

Zulma Cartelli
Sandra Torres-Martillo