Gift Presenters

What does a Gift Presenter do?

During each weekend Mass, a Gift Presenter brings forward the gifts of bread and wine from the back of the church and presents them to the Celebrant after the offertory collection has been taken.

A Gift Presenter may sign up ahead of time (see below), sign up on the day of the Mass as they enter the Gathering Space, or be asked by an Usher to present the gifts.

What is required to become part of this ministry?

During the year, parishioners will request that weekday and weekend Masses be offered for specific family members both living and deceased or for a special anniversary or event. If you would like to bring up the gifts on the day you are requesting the Masses be offered, please add your telephone number, which will indicate that, you wish to do so.

For weekend Masses, about a week ahead of time the requestor will be contacted by telephone and asked if they would like to present the gifts at the Mass they are having offered.  If they agree, they are asked to enter their names on the sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the Gathering Space. No one is required to present the gifts.

Weekday Masses, being smaller and held in the Chapel, don’t require sign up.  If someone specifically wants to bring up gifts at a weekday Mass, they should sit next to the gifts in the rear of the Chapel and bring them up at the appropriate time.

What is the time commitment?

There is none, other than attending the Mass you signed up for.

Prior to the Mass, remind the ushers that you will be presenting the Gifts so they do not ask for other volunteers.

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