Festival Committee

What is the Festival Committee?
The Festival is the annual parish picnic, which is usually held in June at Memorial Park in River Edge.  A Festival Mass honoring our patron saint, St. Peter the Apostle, is celebrated on the feast day, June 29th.

What does the Festival Committee do?
Members of the committee meet 3 to 4 times between March and June to plan the picnic.

What is required to become part of this ministry?
You need a willingness to make the largest parish community building event of the year be successful.  This includes your ideas for events for all members of the family.  There are food, drinks, games, etc.…  You will need to coordinate picnic events and get parishioners to volunteer to prepare, staff, and clean up events.  In past years, many people have been happy to donate and hour or two to make this a fun event for all.  

What is the time commitment?
You need to attend most of the planning meetings from March through June and be available during the full day of the picnic.

Join us! Contact:  

Michael Cartelli
(201) 230-2700

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