Family Key to Faith

Marriage and family have been very much on the Church’s mind in recent times — Pope Francis is not only inviting us to look for better ways to minister to families that face difficulties and challenges, but also to families that need the refreshing news and strength that the Gospel brings to all of us.

It is in our families where we learn to love God and to love others, and it is in our homes where we initiate our lives as Christians; hence, the importance of this new experience in which we want to walk closer with all of you and also to welcome those who feel they do not have a role and place in our community.

Family is the key to faith and we hope you find your place here at St. Peter’s.

Opening Mass Photos
January 11, 2015

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Prayer of St. Peter’s Families

God, creator of all things in love, You have sent us into the world to be part of a family.

We come to you today, presenting who we are and what we have: our joys, hopes and frustrations.

Sending your Son Jesus Christ into our history, He became part of the human family and shares with us all the challenges that we as families face today.

We open our hearts to your active presence in the world, looking for healing and strength to continue our journeys.

Help us to treasure all the gifts we receive from you and grant that we can always be families who bring unity, compassion and consolation to the world.

Family is the key to faith. As St. Peter’s families we want to welcome you  in our brothers and sisters who feel rejected.

Inspire always in us words and actions to make this parish a community of communities, where illuminated by the Gospel, we continue growing and being the Domestic Church where we learn to love God and to love others.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Performed by St. Peter’s Adult & Children’s Choirs: