Event Planning Committee

What is the Event Planning Committee?
The Event Planning Committee was formed in 2006 to provide a means of offering to the parish social events for the purpose of fundraising.

What does the Event Planning Committee do?
The event planning committee meets to plan fundraising events for the parish.  The committee meets several times before each event to plan and execute so that the fundraiser is a success.  There are generally 2 fundraisers a year that the committee overseas – one in the fall and one in late winter.  

What is required to become a part of this ministry?
All that is required is a desire to bring to the parish fun social events that will provide everyone an opportunity to participate in our parish fundraising efforts. Being creative and taking the initiative in any aspect of the event, large or small – wherever needed – is always helpful and appreciated!

What is the time commitment?
The time commitment varies depending on the event planned.  Meetings are generally scheduled in the evenings and the events are held on the weekends.



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