Advocacy for Peace & Justice

What is Advocacy for Peace & Justice?
Advocacy for Peace & Justice is a social justice ministry that seeks to promote awareness of the most pressing social issues of our time and to work towards a more just society in which all human beings have the basic human rights and protections to which they are entitled as children of God.

Goals and priorities include the following:

  • To encourage prayer and reflection in the group and to provide similar opportunities for the parish
  • To participate in and promote continuing education and spiritual formation in the social justice dimensions of the Gospel and the social teachings of the Church
  • To sponsor and/or collaborate with other groups in providing a variety of justice related activities within the parish and beyond
  • To promote and participate in advocacy efforts.

Advocacy for Peace & Justice sponsors:

  • The annual letter-writing (Bread for the World Campaign Offering of letters) to our US Senators and Congressmen to encourage them to include funding for certain social justice issues in the annual Federal Budget.
  • Stamp Out Despair, a project run by FirstFriends to help undocumented immigrants who are being detained to be able to write to their family and friends.
  • We encourage advocacy efforts in the parish in such areas as immigration reform, poverty, health care and conscience rights; human trafficking; and care of the environment.
  • We promote the Fair Trade Coffee Sales and sponsor an annual movie afternoon on the moral/spiritual dimensions of social issues.

What is the time commitment?
Meetings are held on a monthly basis, on the last Tuesday evening of each month.

We welcome anyone interested in learning more about the social teachings of the Church and in participating in any of the work of this ministry.

Dr. Marianne Conway

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