A Small Christian Community is….

A Journey of Faith
A Small Christian Community is a group of people who come together in the most basic and personal unit of the parish. The community gathers in the available homes of its members where through Scripture, prayer and conversation, they discuss their lives in the light of the gospel and share their Christian faith. Within such gatherings there naturally arises a connection of acceptance and support through which the members learn, in a personal manner, the meaning of being Church.

A Journey from Our Past
The early Christians met in homes to share the Gospel and “the breaking of the bread.” They were inclusive communities whose members, after the example of Christ, shared their resources and reached out to others in service. They were people of faith who welcomed others seeking to find a spiritual home.

As these Communities grew in acceptance and in the number of believers, larger gatherings became the norm. The Church as we know it today emerged from these early home-based communities.

Working within the contemporary relationship of parish, diocese, and universal Church, the Small Christian Community enables its members to participate in the Christian Faith Community in the very manner which the earliest Christians experienced; on a personal level.

“Make yourselves builders of communities in which, after the example of the first community, the word of God lives and acts.”
— Pope John Paul II

A Journey of the Present
Small Christian Communities today are widely recognized as significant expressions of Christian life emerging in a variety of cultures and contexts throughout the world. They go by many names: base ecclesial communities, Small Christian Communities, and house churches.

Your Own Journey Of Faith
You don’t have to be a church leader, serve on numerous committees, have a degree in theology or have a large home designed for entertainment to join a Small Christian Community. Being on a faith journey—or even beginning a faith journey—is enough. The most valuable resource you can bring to a community, which no one else can bring is yourself, with your own unique wisdom and experiences.